Warm Laundry Records


Warm Laundry Records is a label based in London that works to make its friends famous.

Up until 2019 the label released primarily through digital means, however, beginning with deathcrash's 7'' single 'Slumber/Bones', the label has moved to releasing everything on a physical format. This includes the regular release of WL compilations that feature up-and-coming artists, and from 2020 these will always be issued via a limited run of cassettes. All other releases will be on vinyl.

The label is run by three close friends, Joe, Tiernan, and Theo. They run WL as a hobby, and as a way to deepen their friendships. They will always strive to serve releases the best they possibly can. They will always be friendly, and they will always be encouraging.

Warm Laundry welcomes new music, and any submissions or queries are best sent to: yourfriend@warmlaundry.co.uk

WL's socials can be found here:

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