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Satan Club - Satan Club

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Regular edition with insert
Limited Edition with hand notated songbook

Album cover design and label design – Amy Grounsell
Insert and booklet layout – Max Bloom
Cherub devils – Matt Weinberger

Recorded and produced by Ric James at Cable Street
Studios, October 2021.

Matthew Weinberger - Guitar & Piano
Tiernan Banks - Guitar
Aga Ujma - Harp
Jon Taylor - Violin
Joe Taylor – Piano

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 written by Matt Weinberger with
additional material by Aga Ujma, Jon Taylor, Joe Taylor
and Tiernan Banks.

Track 5 based on a traditional folk song, with additional
material by Matt Weinberger. This version is adapted from
Stefan Grossman’s 1974 record, ‘Finger Picking Guitar
Techniques’, who attributes the original to
Elizabeth Cotton.

Released on Warm Laundry June 2022